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Social Media – giving you a professional voice in a crowded market

Did you know?
One in every six minutes online is spent on a social network

How to engage the right people in the right way? Context

As a law firm you now have unprecedented opportunities to open a conversation with someone right at that key moment when they need your services. But it must be done subtly, and it has to be done well. A good social media campaign will deliver quality over quantity. An excellent social media campaign delivers quality and quantity. Creating the right tone, pitching in at the right time, and building a steady stream of innovative and engaging ideas can have a tremendous amplifying effect on your brand or you as an individual.

Valuable time spent wisely

Social media lets you develop an understanding of those conversations that your clients may be having about you, your competitors and your marketplace. By using it properly you gain valuable insights that allow you to tailor your message more effectively. It is quite task heavy and should be part of an ongoing process that builds results cumulatively over time. However, setting up your own team requires expertise, training, organisation and management of resources. And all of this shifts focus away from core fee earning activities.

Working with us gives you all of this without any of the distractions. We can provide services for all social media platforms and offer a mix of consultancy, research and insight, engagement, community management and reporting and monitoring – all tailored specifically for you.

Getting your approach right is essential, and it is something that we are here to help with. The whole process hinges on our ability to make sure that you are ready to benefit the next time a person logs-in to their favourite social media platform and asks their friends ‘anyone know a good lawyer?’

We focus on innovative and creative strategies that appreciate the differences between one social platform and another. Our aim is to build loyalty, confidence and stature for you and your firm across the entire social media landscape.

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