Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Did you know?
44% of adults claim to have searched for a professional online before contracting their services

Managing your online reputation is critical in today’s world, but it is also very time consuming and getting it wrong can be extremely costly. As a law firm you should be focused on your core business rather than spending any time worrying about what people are saying about you on the internet. Outsourcing your online reputation management to us is cheaper, safer and more effective than doing it in-house.

Why outsource your online reputation management?


Dedicated expertise

As legal marketing professionals we have the knowledge and skill to effectively improve, maintain or restore your online image.

Saves you time and money

With Hillman & Hillman managing your firm’s online reputation there is no need to recruit and train extra staff, create new desk space or buy any equipment.

Delivers better results

The online environment changes daily. Having a dedicated partner means you won’t have to learn from your mistakes. It also keeps you ahead of your competition.

Ask yourself
Can you really afford to risk losing one client because of something they saw about you online?

How do we do it?
We solicit and post genuine customer reviews for you across the web
We write and publish carefully crafted press releases and articles
We improve the rankings of your existing webpages with positive content
We create and build active lively blogs
We use social media to proactively develop your online reputation
We seek and request removal of negative content where found
We proactively respond to events before they become an issue
We keep you informed with detailed monthly reports

It’s only going in one direction

The fact is that as we move further into the 21st century, managing your online reputation will only become more important.
So don’t wait for something to go wrong before trying to fix it. The sooner you begin working to actively manage how you are perceived online the more effective it will be in the long term.

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