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At Hillman & Hillman we have extensive expertise across all online marketing channels. This gives us the ability to bring together the various platforms and harness their potential for your business.

Did you know?

British businesses that use online marketing grow on average 2.5 times faster than ones that don’t.

Search engine marketing (SEO)

Google, Yahoo and Bing dominate search. Working with these platforms to ensure that your business is found locally, nationally or internationally is one of the core pillars of our business.

Whether you’re looking for short term immediate results, or looking to turn your brand into the dominant player within your geographical location or sector, we can structure a plan to meet your goals, manage your campaign, and provide you with regular and ongoing reports to track progress.

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)

If you are looking for the fastest and most measurable form of online advertising then look no further than PPC. PPC allows you to choose when your ads appear and who sees them, and you only pay once someone clicks through to your website. We can set up campaigns targeting demographic groups, geographic locations, certain times of day, and even people using Macs instead of PCs!

From setting your weekly budget to targeting the right people at the right time there is no better way of driving immediate traffic to a website and monitoring the results.

Social Media marketing

Social Media is changing fast and many people still struggle to come to terms with how it can benefit their business, particularly in the legal sector. But social media is possibly the single biggest influencer in the market today and making it work for you is key to pushing ahead of the competition. It also plays an increasingly important role in where your website appears in the traditional search engines.

We have an extensive range of social media packages designed for the sole purpose of increasing your brand network and brining on-board new clients.

Internet display advertising and re-marketing

Also known as re-targeting, this is a method of advertising that was recently introduced by Google. It allows us to serve tailored ads to people who have already visited your site, giving them another chance to return and buy the services they have shown some interest in – even after leaving your website.

Your ads will appear across the Google Display Network, which includes websites such as the Guardian and Daily Mail, giving your potential customers an excellent impression of your firm.

Google AdWords Re-targeting is often compared with an email marketing campaign because of the way it targets warm traffic, as opposed to cold. Your ads are being displayed to an audience that have already shown an interested by visiting your website.

Website design

We have a team of talented web designers and developers at your disposal and decades of collective design and development experience.

Your website is essential to controlling how you are perceived and in strengthening the point of contact with your clients.Lead generation is central to how we design and build websites and every one we create is mobile responsive, meaning that it will work seamlessly on any mobile or tablet device without the need to create a separate platform.

Our websites are fast and effective, benefiting as they do from our considerable understanding of what search engines look for and what makes a website work from a business point of view.

Website auditing

Are you unsure about your current website? Is it not getting the traffic you feel it should? We can produce a detailed report for you that documents each and every aspect of your site with a full list of all technical and design issues that will be affecting your website’s performance.

A thorough technical audit is probably the most powerful deliverable in SEO. It is essential that you undertake this process before spending a single penny on any form of search engine marketing.

We think that this is so important that we are happy to deduct the cost of any website audit we perform from your 1st quarterly marketing campaign, should you decide to go ahead.

Online presence analysis

We can provide you with a detailed overview of your online presence, showing you exactly where you are and how you are faring against your competitors. Combining deep level keyword research with our competitor analysis tools you will come away with a forensic understanding of where you perform best and what other opportunities there are out there that you could be missing out on.

Our competitor ranking analysis shows you exactly where you rank for the most valuable search terms in your market and geographic location. You’ll see who the competition is targeting and get a full breakdown of just how competitive it is to rank for those profitable search terms that are guaranteed to bring in extra business.

Armed with this valuable data you will be able to make key strategic marketing decisions with the confidence of someone working with facts as opposed to gut instinct and best guesses.

Research & Analytics

Our reports don’t just provide you with data, we make sure that they tell you the story that this crucial information provides.

We install analytics tools and pull in data from Google, Bing, Yahoo and multiple social media channels too. These reports can be created on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and give you everything you need to know about how your customers are finding you, engaging with you and responding to your brand and its communications.

A/B Split-Testing

We can even install software that tests different versions of your sales pages and measures which ones perform most effectively, so you no longer have to take a chance when making future design decisions about changes to your website. Everything you do can be tested and re-tested until we are certain that you have the best strategy and the most effective sales pages in place.

Unique content

As well as understanding how to make these platforms work for you, we also possess the in-house capability to produce fresh and engaging content. This is essential to getting found by those people looking for your services right now.

Whether it’s a written article, an inspiring video or a dazzling infographic, our journalism expertise sits right at the very heart of what differentiates us from the competition.

Video production

When it comes to promoting your firm’s services online, a professionally produced video has never been a more cost effective and powerful marketing tool than it is today. From fully scripted video featuring interviews and testimonials to carefully crafted animation, we have the perfect team in place to ensure the right message is delivered in the right way to the right audience.

Video marketing

As internet marketers we understand the power that video has to drive new customers to your website. Our powerful distribution models enable us to leverage your videos to promote your brand across the internet with carefully crafted tailored strategy.

Unique content

As well as understanding how to make these platforms work for you, we also possess the in-house capability to produce fresh and engaging content. This is essential to getting found by those people looking for your services right now. Whether it’s a written article, an inspiring video or a dazzling infographic, our journalism expertise sits right at the very heart of what differentiates us from the competition.

What is content?

Written content

Blogs, articles, press releases, white papers, case studies, interviews…you get the picture. The fact is that written content is essential to being found online. However, it is not enough to merely regurgitate old news stories or copy what everyone else is saying. To truly stand out you need writers who get it. In short you need trained journalists with a background in digital publishing.

Video Content

Websites with video content often perform much better than ones without. But a good video shouldn’t just sit on your website looking to get brownie points from Google. If you approach video with the right attitude from the start it can become a story in itself, spreading your message and building brand equity.
We have a range of video producers and animators for all occasions. We also have strategies in place for distributing your videos and getting them seen by your target audience.

Micro Content

With the growth of social media it is essential to make sure that your story is being heard. But how? Any successful social media campaign lives and dies by the quality of the content you produce.
We help you by producing bundles of small-form content using techniques that have been proven to work for the smallest local business to the largest global brand. These can be image based, text based or even bundles of 10 second video clips. The point is that they will all be carefully thought through, relevant and created with the sole purpose of helping you to reach your strategic objectives.

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