PR and Communications

At Hillman & Hillman we are able to combine our digital expertise with more traditional PR outlets to provide our clients with exceptional coverage.

This fully-integrated approach allows us to position our clients as experts within their field across a broad range of media. We ensure that you appear in the right place at the right time in the right context. Getting heard by your chosen audience in such a noisy media landscape can be a challenge. By combining these disciplines we are able to cut through the noise and get your message out.

For a sustainable and integrated thought leadership campaign that is brave and bold we have combined the following factors.

Traditional media coverage

With so many online media channels available, appearing in print media still brings with it that real sense of authority.
We work with you to create new and engaging thought leadership articles and place those in traditional media outlets.
Our PR experts come from a solid corporate agency background and have an excellent network of contacts.

Online reputation management

Combining traditional PR with online reputation management ensures that your campaign receives maximum exposure, and it is essential that the two work in unison.
We work with bloggers, YouTube experts, social media campaigners and online journalists to amplify the effect of any off-line PR exposure.

Public speaking and personal branding

To further enhance your reputation we offer speech coaching, media training and personal branding consultancy services.
First impressions count a great deal and we have the professional team in place to make sure that you look and sound as convincing as the message we are putting across.

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