Blogging! Why on earth would I do that? Why writing about your law firm really matters

As we travel the UK speaking with lawyers we get asked many questions about the digital world, but “why on earth would I want to write a blog?!” keeps cropping up again and again.

People do seem to find writing a bit of a chore, which we kind of understand. Finding something work related to write enthusiastically about is certainly not easy, especially when you live your job day in day out every week.

No one seems to enjoy blogging

We find that very few people seem to naturally enjoy maintaining their company blog. We know this from the hundreds of empty old blog sections we see as we are auditing company websites; all built and paid for in good faith only to be abandoned after a few desperate posts and some terrible iPhone shots of a company night out.

This is the crux of the problem as we see it. Website designers who don’t really understand digital marketing encourage law firms to stick a blog on the end if their new website, then hand it over and walk away without any forward thinking solutions in place or proper training. Once the initial excitement of having a shiny new website is over the firm is left scratching its head and wondering what on earth to do with it.

What is a company blog really for?

The truth is that a blog should only exist to create quality content that resonates with your customers and helps them to understand solutions to the problems you are trying to help them fix. They do not exist to host grainy photographs of Geoffrey from accounts standing by a fruit machine with a half-finished pint of Old Stinky in his hand.

Creating a consistent stream of useful articles is proven to have a beneficial impact on the number of visitors your website receives. In short, posting helpful and informative stuff about your business gets you customers. But you need to be consistent and focussed on the medium to long term. And you cannot let it go to rack and ruin as so many companies do.

A good blog prioritises quality over quantity; has a reasonable smattering of humour and/or emotional resonance; it solves problems and enlightens minds. It should be what we like to call ‘evergreen’ in that each article will be as relevant next year as it is today. Above all, it has to be easy-to-share and widely distributed around the web through a well thought out network of social media channels.

The future of marketing?

78% of Senior Marketing Officers believe that this is the future of marketing, according to Hanley-Wood-Business-Media. That is not the future of digital marketing but marketing as a whole, so it would make sense to give one of the most cost effective and powerful marketing channels you have a fresh look.

Of course the most effective and stress free solution is to outsource your blogging efforts to some content marketing professionals who can help.