Jargon Buster

Digital marketing jargon buster

Internet marketing requires a whole new vocabulary. To help you on your way we have a glossary of commonly used terms. If you are looking for one that isn’t here just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you out


Both Google and Bing have tracking software that allows you to analyse visitors to your website and see how they behave. It is essential to understand how your users behave as this gives real insight into how they are interacting with your webiste and what come be done to improve performance.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process of doing all the right things to get to the top of the natural results


PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is the process of buying advertisng space on Google and Bing. This is the fastest way of getting visits.

Off-page SEO

Off page SEO is the process of improving your websites profile in other places around the web in order to encourage more visitors and better search results

On-page SEO

On page SEO is the process of structuring the information on your website so that it is indexed correclty by search engines and is easy to use by your visitors


Ever wonder why those ads from that website you visited seem to follow you around all the time? You’re being retargeted

Display advertising

Display ads are the banners and boxes you get on content driven websites such as the Guardian and GQ

Google Analytics

See Analytics above.

Micro Content

Small bits of engaging content typically found on Facebook and other social media platforms


Content is anything found on a website such as text, video, audio or photography

Content Marketing

The process of promoting your content across the interent to deliver an outcome. This could be more visits, increased brand visibility or sales.

Video Marketing

The process of using your video content to promote your website through channles such as Youtube or Vimeo

Search Engines

Google, Yahoo and Bing

Social Boomarking

Websites that allow you to list favourite websites and pages on the internet that you can share with friends and colleagues

Social Signals

A social signal is an SEO term. It basically describes the social media buzz around your website as interpreted by Google, Yahoo and Bing


A backlink is a link from one website to another. Typically a good website generates lots of backlinks as people and other websites reference the content

Link Bait

The process of producing and promoting really great content on your website in order to encourage people to share and link to it

Edge Rank

The alogrithm used by Facebook to determine how much people engage with your posts and how high to place them in peoples’ news feeds

Domain Authority

Typically used in SEO to determine how strong a website is. Usually determined by its age and associated trust signals

Page Rank

Like domain authority but relative to the page rather than the website as a whole


A word or phrase someone types into a search engine when looking for a website or service

Keyword research

Using tools to research keywords and find out what people typically type when looking for your goods or services

Website Audit

The cornerstone of any good SEO campaign. We analyse all the aspects of your website to determine how healthy it is and what needs to be done to improve its rankings

XML Sitemap

A list of all the pages on your website that is uploaded to Google and Bing. Very important in helping the search engines to understand and index your website

404 error

If a page on your website no longer exists it returns a 404 error

404 page

The page on your website that appears when a page no longer exists. It is good practice to create one that is helpful and points users where to go next

301 redirect

If a page no longer exists we can redirect the old page to a new one instead. This stops 404 errors and provides a better user experience for your visitors


Our favourite social bookmarking site

Google +

Google’s answer to Facebook

Tracking code

This is a piece of code inserted into your website that allows us to track visitors to your website

Split test

Split testing is the process of showing different pages to visitors in order to determine which design performs better


Cost Per Click. Typically, how much you pay for each click from a PPC or display ad


Call To Action.
This is the snappy phrase on your website or ad-copy that gets people to take the next step

Bounce rate

The number of people who leave your website within 10 seconds of arriving. A high bounce rate is a sign of a poor website