About Us

Powerful marketing for the legal sector

Hillman & Hillman combine over 10 years of online marketing experience and journalism with the knowledge and understanding of how to build a successful legal practice from scratch.

We have created the company to provide legal professionals like you with the support and expertise you need to grow your practice without having to shift focus away from the core fee earning capacity that underpins the integrity of your firm.
Marketing today can seem like quite a daunting process. The constantly shifting sands of online marketing have generated uncertainty, traditional media outlets appear to be struggling to deliver a tangible return on investment, and all around various marketing experts clamour to convince you that their singular method is the only one that really works.

It has become all too easy to take a punt on a certain strategy and just hope for the best.

So what makes us different?

With an established legal firm that is over a decade old, we know about the challenges facing our sector. To this wealth of knowledge and experience we are able to add the marketing expertise that comes from managing campaigns for some of the world’s largest corporate brands.

Combining these two elements into one gives our clients access to the inside knowledge and strategic marketing techniques used within the corporate-commercial world. This is then set within the framework of the particular requirements of the legal profession.In short, we provide an overview. Our background enables us to look at each client on an individual basis and weave together the various strands of online and offline marketing options to create the perfect mix for your strategy to work.

We are not in the business of selling a certain product, but finding the right combination of techniques for your ambitions to be achieved within budget.

Whether optimising your website for search engines, pitching stories to national journalists, or creating unique and valuable content that communicates your message to clients and employees, we have carefully and painstakingly built up the right network of experts to produce for your practice tangible and measurable results that you can be proud of.

Whether you are looking for an outsourced marketing department or some extra support for the one you already have, we can provide the additional boost that your practice needs to thrive. We want you to gain access to our wealth of expertise, safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with people who have a genuine and demonstrable understanding of the world in which you operate.